Reasons to Let a Professional Towing Company to Provide Heavy-Haul Roadside Service

11 January 2018
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Do you need to recover a piece of heavy machinery that hasn't yet been delivered to the intended location because the tow vehicle has broken down en route? Or, has the tow vehicle been involved in an accident and you need to have the vehicle and the load it was carrying recovered? If so, you will need to enlist the services of a professional roadside service that focuses on hauling large vehicles and heavy equipment. Here are some critical reasons to consider opting for professional assistance to wriggle yourself out of such bad situations.

Time savings 

The simple fact that you were transporting a heavy machine at the time of tow-vehicle breakdown or accident can either mean that you had a need to use the machine for a particular job or you needed to have the machine returned to the owner before the expiration of your hire period. Whatever the situation, quick recovery will be of the essence. A professional roadside service that deals with towing of heavy vehicles and machines can send a team of trained and experienced personnel equipped with heavy recovery equipment such as trailers, cranes and forklifts that may be needed to haul away your equipment. This way, your equipment can be removed from the place where you are stuck in record time. To ensure quick recovery of your machine, it is important that you contact a towing service local to you. 

Minimising losses and expenses

Recovering and hauling heavy machinery from the location where you are stranded is not an easy job. It is a job that calls for safe lifting and handling of the equipment. Otherwise, costly damage may be caused to the machine, leading to costly repair costs. Letting professionals recover your machine will ensure you enjoy peace of mind throughout the process because you will know that the team dispatched to your location know what they are doing. For example, truck-mounted cranes used to recover a heavy machine and/or a broken-down tow-vehicle may come equipped with powerful car-lifting attachments like car-lifting hoists to allow for damage-free handling of the heavy loads. This helps to prevent unnecessary damage that may be caused to the loads during recovery. This, in turn, will help to minimise the need for extra repair service.

As you can never tell when you will need roadside service while transporting heavy machinery, it is always a good idea to look for a company you can turn to beforehand.