4 Critical Questions You Should Ask Your Prospective Interstate Machinery Transport Provider

25 July 2022
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


There are numerous reasons you might need interstate machinery transport services. They might include business relocation or shipping orders to clients. Whichever the reason, your machinery will require specialised handling and care during transportation. Selecting a reputable interstate transport provider is prudent when planning to move heavy machinery to another state. Such providers offer reliable, quick and cost-efficient solutions for your interstate transportation needs.

However, before picking any interstate machinery haulage company, ensure you get answers to these four critical questions.

Which Transport Solutions Do They Provide?

While road transport has been the conventional way to ship heavy loads across different states, it isn't your only transportation option. Some carriers rely on sea freight, rail and road to transport machinery interstate. Therefore, it's wise to inquire about the transport model your prospective company uses for interstate machinery deliveries. Besides, ask about the different routes they use. Depending on various factors, sea freight might be cost-effective in some instances, while road or rail might be more efficient in others. 

What are Their Pick-Up and Drop-Off Options?

Various interstate machinery movers provide different pick-up and drop-off solutions. For instance, some providers offer door-to-door services. They can collect the machinery from your location and deliver it directly to your preferred destination. On the other hand, some companies might provide a depot-to-depot option. In this system, you must transport your machinery to their freight depot, and after transportation, you should collect it from their freight receiving depot.

Dropping off and picking up your machinery from freight depots can be challenging and might attract more costs from hiring additional movers. To prevent this, consider hiring a door-to-door service provider for your interstate machinery transport needs. 

Can They Help You Acquire Interstate Moving Permits?

When moving heavy machinery between states, you might require appropriate permits before your load is allowed to cross over, especially for heavier oversized loads. For instance, you require police clearance permits if your specific shipment could result in potential traffic snarl-ups on the route chosen. Likewise, you might require electrical permits when transporting extremely tall loads that might accidentally snag electrical lines. The acquisition of the necessary haulage permits can be intricate and time-consuming. That's why the interstate machinery mover you choose should be in a position to help you acquire proper permits, saving you more time and money in the process. 

Do You Need to Book in Advance?

Finally, most interstate haulage firms work on predefined schedules. They make deliveries to different states based on a specific timetable, with some slots booking up quickly. Therefore, it's imperative to determine how far ahead you should book a freight slot. If the provider can't deliver as per your specific schedule, find one that can meet your expectations.