How To Transport Tools in Your Ute and Still Be Secure

17 November 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Today, thousands of people travel from one job to the next in a ute containing an expensive array of tools and other equipment. They would not be able to function without access to this gear, and they need to keep everything as secure as possible, no matter where they are. If you've just invested in a new ute to go about your daily chores, you'll need to pay particular attention to security as some people might seek to deprive you of your livelihood. What's the best way to protect your ute and make sure that you do not fall victim to theft?

Configuring Your Ute

Vehicle manufacturers design each ute to be as valuable to a broad range of potential buyers as possible. Therefore, the base vehicle will come with an open bed, and while this makes it very easy to access whatever's inside, it also makes it simple for those with ill intent.

Accessibility and Appearance

You'll want to buy a cover for your ute, but you also want to make sure that it doesn't make it harder to access your tools when the clock is ticking. Further, you want your vehicle to look the part and create the right image for prospects and customers alike.

Weather resistance

Equally as important, you must keep your expensive, premium tools dry, which is easier said than done in the typical Australian climate. Consequently, you need to ensure that everything is sealed off and nothing can penetrate inside when the lid is closed on your ute.

Premium Features

Look for a lid that is tough and made from a strong material like fibre reinforced polymer. Also, look for a product that is easy to open. Some of the better solutions are connected to the vehicle's central locking system so that whenever the ute is unlocked. You can also find products with an integrated carpet liner that can protect all of your tools and equipment while providing first-class insulation.

Making the Right Decision

Remember, you need to keep all of your gear out of sight so that you do not tempt criminals in the first place. You must also make it hard for them to penetrate and gain access, and only a premium product will do. Talk to your accessory supplier, and they will suggest your best course of action.

For more information on ute bed lids, such as HSP ute bed lids, contact a supplier in your area.