Using a Side Tipper Trailer: 6 Top Tips

12 April 2021
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Side tipper trailers are large, heavy vehicles that transport construction goods. Operators must be vigilant about the risks and safety guidelines for side tipper trailers to avoid accidents on the job. This article provides some top safety tips. 1. Safe operation of loading ramps Always ensure that the loading ramp is strong, straight, and free of obstructions. Wear thick gloves to avoid slippage when handling the large ramp. Always tie the ramp into place to keep it from sliding backwards while under load. Read More 

How to Make Sure That You Get a Used-Car Bargain

7 July 2020
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Unless you live in the centre of a large town or city, you will likely need some form of transportation. For most people, this means a car of their own, and this may often represent a significant purchase. If you're in this position for the first time and are considering your options, how can you stretch your budget as far as possible? What to Think Of Most people understand that they will need a certain amount of cash to not only purchase the vehicle but to run it on a monthly basis. Read More 

How to Initially Diagnose Issues With Your Car’s Clutch

12 April 2018
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If your car is fitted with a manual gearbox, it is essentially the driver's responsibility to select the proper gear for the road conditions ahead. In order to do this effectively, you will need to temporarily disconnect the power provided by the engine from the transmission system that turns the wheels. As you may know, this separation occurs when you put your foot on the clutch pedal, but sometimes this part of the system can fail. Read More 

Reasons to Let a Professional Towing Company to Provide Heavy-Haul Roadside Service

11 January 2018
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Do you need to recover a piece of heavy machinery that hasn't yet been delivered to the intended location because the tow vehicle has broken down en route? Or, has the tow vehicle been involved in an accident and you need to have the vehicle and the load it was carrying recovered? If so, you will need to enlist the services of a professional roadside service that focuses on hauling large vehicles and heavy equipment. Read More 

Alternator Problems: Three Common Signs of Impending Failure

5 January 2018
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The alternator is a critical component in the automotive electrical system. This unit is designed and built to convert the energy from the vehicle's crankshaft into useable electrical power for the vehicle. In addition, the alternator is essential for recharging the battery which provides electricity when the engine is not running. Therefore, if the alternator in your car or truck fails, the entire electrical system will be affected. Here are the common issues that indicate alternator damage and imminent failure. Read More