4 considerations for auto glass replacement

2 January 2018
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Whether you hit a rock which flicked up an cracked your windscreen, were the victim of a crime which left a damage windscreen or just had an unlucky run-in with a hailstorm, it's never nice to have to deal with a crack in your car's windscreen. What can make this worse is dealing with an unreliable auto glass repair service which could potentially leave you with more damage to your vehicle and an even bigger bill at the end.

There are four key considerations you should make when selecting an auto glass repair service, or opting for replacement. 

1. Auto glass replacement or auto glass repair?

A small chip can seem like it's not too big of a deal. A quick patch up and you're good to go, right? Well, that might not always be the case. Even the smallest chip can leave additional structural damage. Often, it can be a wise move to opt for full auto glass replacement which gives you a clean slate. You may avoid another bill further down the line anyway.

2. Always read the reviews

When selecting an auto glass repair service you should always read and re-read the reviews. This is a highly technical and skilled job, which needs someone with the correct capabilities and tools for the work. Never skimp on a quick deal, or back-street job which may mean you have to get the whole job done again in the near future. This could also risk voiding your insurance. There are lots of online comparison and review sites, where you can read the experiences of those who used the auto glass replacement service you've found - be sure to check them out and asks friends and family for their recommendations. 

3. Balance cost and quality

It is standard wisdom that the higher quality you want, the higher the cost. Whilst technology has made the cost of auto glass repair significantly cheaper in recent decades, it is still an important consideration. Auto glass replacement is never low-cost, so be wary of anyone offering a quick turnaround for cheap work. Never go for a deal you're unsure about, it's probably cheap for a reason.

4. Work closely with your insurer

Check your policy closely to see what part of the work could be covered by your insurer. They may even specify a particular auto glass replacement company they require you to use. Give them a ring as soon as you spot the chip and ask for their advice.