Vehicle Import Approval: Critical Considerations for Compliance and Clearance

19 December 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


There are multiple benefits attached to importing a vehicle from overseas as opposed to purchasing locally. In general, you will have more auto model options to choose during your purchase. You can acquire a car or truck which is not available in the local market. Also, you can reduce your vehicle purchase expenses because some models and makes are cheaper in other countries.

However, it is important to remember that there are different rules and regulations applied for automobiles in different parts of the world. Therefore, when you import your vehicle, you might need to commission some modifications for approval. Here are the most important aspects that you should consider for stress-free compliance and clearance.

Driving Side

If you have an import car with a left-hand drive configuration, you will need to have the design changed. In simple terms, you must have the vehicle reconfigured for the right-hand drive for approval. The cost of this process can be significantly high. Therefore, if you are attempting to reduce your car import expenses, you should check on this detail before making your order.

Seat Belts

You might need to have the seatbelts installed in your imported vehicle removed and replaced before you can be cleared. These elements are essential for the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users. Therefore, there are stringent regulations imposed on the design and installation. You should check the details on the seatbelts with the seller and compare with local regulations before buying.

Braking System

If the brakes are not performing at optimal levels, your imported vehicle will not be cleared or approved for use. Therefore, you might have to perform some changes to ensure that the vehicle is compliant. Fortunately, there are no common regulatory issues related to the brake. However, you should consider replacing the brake fluid and fitting new brake pads after receiving your vehicle.

General Service

Finally, you might need to give your vehicle complete service before it can be declared roadworthy. This inspection is crucial because the vehicle might not have arrived optimal condition for direct use on the road. For example, some components might come loose during the transportation process. Therefore, you should have the vehicle maintained correctly and tested for your safety.

Managing the import process can be a complicated process and sometimes, approval might take longer than expected. If you have no experience in the field, you might get overwhelmed by the work. Therefore, for the best results, consult an import car company for professional assistance.