Is Your Car Guzzling More Fuel Than It Should?

14 December 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


If your car starts consuming more fuel than usual, that's a major cause for alarm because it means you will have to visit the fuel station more frequently, thus hurting your wallet. There are several different things that may lead to a loss of fuel economy. Here is a look at some probable causes of the problem.

Faulty engine

One of the most common cause of increased fuel consumption is engine-related problems. For the most part, these problems arise due to poor maintenance of the engine. On cars with petrol engines, the most probable causes of higher fuel consumption include bad spark plugs, dirty fuel injectors, clogged air filters, and delayed changing of engine oil. On diesel engine cars, fuel consumption may go up because of dirty fuel injectors and air cleaners as well as overdue changing of engine oil. The best way to maintain the fuel efficiency of your vehicle is to make sure your engine is serviced routinely.

Poor quality fuel

Another reason why your vehicle's fuel efficiency may plummet is if you're putting low-quality fuel in it. Some unscrupulous fuel retailers may sell adulterated fuel, so you need to be careful about where you fuel up your car. Always get your fuel from reputable fuel stations, which are known to sell high-quality fuel. Some trustworthy fuel stations even add chemical additives to their fuel to help with cleaning of the intake valves found on car engines, thus leading to better fuel efficiency. 

Excessively worn tyres

Many people aren't aware that the general condition of their car tyres can result in higher fuel consumption. When tyres wear and tear, the grip between the tyres and the road surface is lost, meaning that the tyre will have to turn a lot faster for the vehicle to move. This negatively affects fuel economy. It is, therefore, important to replace overly worn tyres as soon as possible.

Poorly inflated tyres

Under-inflated tyres can also cause increased fuel consumption. This is because the tyres will require more energy to counterbalance the rolling resistance caused by friction generated between the tyres and the surface of the road. To prevent this, it is important that you inflate your tyres as recommended by your tyre manufacturer or trusted mechanic.

There are several other reasons why your car may begin to consume more fuel than it should. It is best to take your car to the mechanics' shop when you notice the problem so that the right remedy can be provided.