Dashboard Warning Lights Indicating You Could Be Facing Serious Car Trouble

14 December 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


The dashboard on modern cars is filled with several warning lights, which let drivers know when something is wrong with their vehicles. Unfortunately, many car buyers head out to the roads before they have understood their new car's technology features. They end up ignoring some important car dash warning lights, and this leads to costly repair expenses. 

While every warning light on the dash of your car is designed to tell you something, below are some warning lights that could mean serious car trouble.

Coolant warning light

The work of the engine coolant is to help cool down the engine so as to prevent overheating. This helps to improve fuel economy because the engine works efficiently at normal temperatures — there is complete combustion of fuel hence more power, minimal emissions and better fuel economy. If your coolant warning light comes on, it is letting you know that you're running low on coolant.

Low coolant level would mean less efficient cooling of the engine, thus leading to overheating. When the engine is left to overheat for a long period, it may 'weld' itself together. This may result in irreversible damage. Therefore, if your coolant warning light comes on, and your temperature gauge reading is above the normal reading, you should check your coolant level and have it topped up in case it is insufficient.

Engine oil warning light

Engine oil is the critical component that keeps your engine lubricated. For engine oil to do its job effectively, it has to be clean, sufficient and it should maintain the right operating temperatures and pressures. If oil pressure becomes too low, temperatures become too high, or oil level drops below the minimum level, the effectiveness of the oil as a lubricating agent can decrease or be lost entirely. This will, in turn, lead to a decline in engine performance but also costly engine damage. Therefore, if you see your oil warning light come on, stop the vehicle and contact a qualified mechanic right away.

Braking system warning lights

The braking system is one of the most important safety features of any car. Brakes allow motorists to slow down or stall a car when need arises. If the braking system warning lights on your dash turn on or start blinking, you should pull over to the side of the road and immediately call your mechanic to come to your location to look into the issue.

Car owners can identify and understand warning lights by consulting their owner's manual. Understanding what all the warning lights on your dash mean could go a long way in keeping you safe and preventing costly car repairs. For more information, contact a car service.