Subtle Signs That Your Car Needs Servicing

1 December 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Never overlook any sign that your car may need servicing or repairs, as a simple fix, if ignored, can turn into major trouble when on the road. It can also mean even steeper repair bills once you do have that work done, as well as a potential bill for towing your car to the shop after it's broken down on the road! To ensure your car is always in good repair, note a few subtle signs that it's time to take it in for servicing, and what might be causing those issues with the vehicle as well.


If your vehicle tends to sputter when idling, and especially when you first start it in the morning, this often signals a problem in the exhaust system. If the catalytic converter, muffler, or any part of the exhaust pipe gets clogged, air cannot exit the engine, and the engine cannot maintain combustion. After you drive for several minutes, this might force air through that clogged part of the exhaust, so the vehicle no longer sputters. However, if ignored, this can mean that the engine eventually fails to work altogether. Have the catalytic converter replaced or note if the vehicle needs a new muffler when you experience this problem.

Pulls or drags while turning

If your vehicle drives fine when you're moving straight forward or backward, but then pulls or drags while turning, this can be a problem with the tyres on one side of the car. This can also be worn differentials, which are gears located in the wheel well. These gears allow tyres to spin at a different rate when you make a turn. If the differentials are worn, the vehicle's outer tyres cannot rotate as often as needed during that turn, so the car pulls or drags.

Scraping sounds

Rusted metal tends to make scraping sounds, so if you hear these sounds when you go over a bump, this often means that the springs of the tyres are rusted. These springs are what cushion the tyres on bumps, and will make that scraping sound if they're too rusted to move freely. If you hear scraping when you turn, this can mean a tie rod or the differentials, mentioned above, are rusted.

If you notice a scraping sound when you brake or accelerate, this can mean that the brake pads or rotors are worn down and not gripping or releasing as they should. The callipers can be rusted, or the metal parts of the brakes may simply be worn and need replacing. For more information, contact companies like Blue Ribbon Motors.